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2023 Alumni Golf Outing

To all Knox Memorial Alumni,

The end of April is here in the North Country and spring is now upon us.  We have hopes that summer is coming soon.  Along with late spring comes the time to start planning your migration back to St Lawrence County to see friends and classmates at the Annual Knox Memorial Alumni weekend.  The weekend event starts off with our annual nine-hole golf tournament at the University Inn Golf Course located in Canton, NY.  The event is scheduled for Friday evening on July 14, 2023 and the tee off time is set for 5:00 pm.  Make sure you get there early enough to register at the club house.

The golf tournament consists of four people on a team, playing nine holes of “Best Ball Golf “.  One score for each hole is recorded on the team’s score card by the captain or designated team member.   Each team competes individually against the other teams in the tournament.  The team that has the lowest score wins the event.  I did say four-man team, but I want to make it perfectly clear the team can be made up of four women, four men, or any combination!  Remember the number one rule being, HAVE FUNThe cost of the round of golf with half a cart is $22.00 per person, payable in the golf shack before the round starts

If for some reason you are having a difficult time getting three individuals to play golf with you or are a single person that wishes to play, contact me and I may be able to help.  Sometimes we have a person or two that wants to play, and I may be able to place them with a team to fill out a foursome.  Our Alumni Tournament is a very fun event that promotes camaraderie and having a good time with a small amount of competition.

Each team will start at the hole assigned to them and have a cart assigned to them for the round.  It is a shotgun start, which means we will all start at the same approximate time and end at the same approximate time. Teams must turn in their score card at the end of the tournament to me and all participants will meet in the lounge area of the club house where I will announce the winning team, although I believe all participants are winners.

The golf course will sell refreshments and has agreed to stay open a couple hours after completion of our round of golf.  That means everyone will have a chance to mingle and say hello to friends you may not have seen in a while.

My name is Ron Hance, and I will be coordinating the golf outing this year.  If you wish to participate, let me know as soon as possible.  Each team should delegate a team captain and perhaps a team name.  Please contact me directly either via phone or email.  My e-mail is and my cell # – is (315)212-8038.

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